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4.6 Philosophy of Science in Practice in Ecological Model Building

Luana Poliseli, Jeferson G. E. Coutinho, Blandina Viana, Federica Russo & Charbel N. El-Hani

Keywords: , Scientific practice, Interdisciplinarity, Mechanistic modeling, Heuristics, Ecology.


This article addresses the contributions of the literature on the new mechanistic philosophy of science for the scientific practice of model building in ecology. This is reflected in a one-to-one interdisciplinary collaboration between an ecologist and a philosopher of science during science-in-the-making. We argue that the identification, reconstruction and understanding of mechanisms is context-sensitive, and for this case study mechanistic modeling did not present a normative role but a heuristic one. We expect our study to provides useful epistemic tools for the improvement of empirically-riven work in the debates about mechanistic explanation of ecological phenomena.

Poliseli, L., Coutinho, J. G., Viana, B., Russo, F., & El-Hani, C. N. (2022). Philosophy of science in practice in ecological model building. Biology & Philosophy, 37(4), 1-27.