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Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Where outstanding researchers bridge disciplines, scales and paradigms in their pursuit of new knowledge for complex problems
Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa on IAS Scientific Advisory Board
Simulation-based science for Health
Discuss the current state of the art in multi-scale models of health and disease, like the Virtual Physiological Human.
Fellowship programme
A fellowship gives you the time and space to focus on a challenging interdisciplinary research topic. You will collaborate in an inspiring setting with other IAS fellows and researchers. Join us!

IAS community

The IAS is, above all, its people. The community includes e.g. research fellows, external faculty, working group members, researchers in residence and a small team of staff.


We use an integrated system's approach to study what kind of interventions will produce what type of outcome in complex challenges like health, the energy transition, and social inequality.

Talent development, courses

We are committed to investing in the development of the next generation interdisciplinary researchers and actively engage young talent. Besides that, we are involved in various courses, including executive training.
We aim to create new knowledge and develop interdisciplinary methodology to find solutions for complex scientific and societal challenges.