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As a part of the initiative Where ART Meets Science, the focus of this second workshop is the Science Museum. Together, scientists and artists will present new perspectives on how to bridge the gap between art and science.
Event details of Where ART Meets Science: in the Science Museum
23 May 2024
15:00 -18:00

Starting from an introduction and inspiring case studies from the artist Jonathan Straatman, who made an installation at Universiteitsmusem Utrecht, and NEMO science museum, we will explore questions such as: How is a science museum an interesting venue for an artist? How can Art play a meaningful role in a Science Museum? How are science and art perceived in each other's proximity? How can they make a stronger case in presenting together?

With a multidisciplinary group of scientists and artists who are interested in crossing borders, we will search for a diversity of new perspectives.


15:00 Welcome
15:10 Introduction of the series “Where ART meets SCIENCE” by Eftychia Stamkou
15:25 Presentation by Jonathan Straatman 
15:45 NEMO A Case study. An assignment to the artists. By Annemarie van Eekeren en Esther Hamstra
16:00 Audience discussion
16:10 NEMO: outcome of the assignment
16:30 Reflections: Different Perspectives on Art in a Science museum by inspiring examples, Maartje Raijmakers 
16:45 Roundtable Discussion
17:30  Reception