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2020: Orion Maxted

Theatre and performance maker
Collective Visual Thinking, co-authored by the IAS Interactions Group, co-initiated and facilitated by Orion Maxted

About Orion Maxted

Orion studied at DAS Graduate School of Performance (formally DasArts), Amsterdam; is a supported maker at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam; and artist-researcher in the ArtScience group of the Center Leo Apostel, VUB, Brussels. His performance works have been shown internationally throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Work at the IAS

What systems, made of interacting people (and in some cases objects and machines), can we imagine which collectively show emergence, whereby the whole has properties that the individuals do not?

Complexity and theatre are surprising well aligned. They are both founded on the idea of interaction and participation. They both build models of the world through which we can gain insights and patterns to help us navigate. And they both strive to understand and make something which is emergent, surprising and comes alive - because it is more than the sum of its parts.

Orion Maxted will aim to deepen the ArtScience theme at the IAS inviting artists, scientists and academics from Amsterdam and beyond in order to learn, discuss and experiment together. He will initiate an experimental laboratory for thinking together, through which he aims to build a lexicon of transferable concepts between theatre and complexity, to imagine, and engineer experiments in complexity theatre, that lead participatory and non-participatory performances.