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Modelling and Modulation of the Inflammatory Response in Severe Burns

In this project the safety and preliminary efficacy of Alkaline Phosphatase in reducing the inflammatory response will be studied in severely burned patients admitted to the intensive care unit, and conduct an in-silico study of the dynamics of the innate immune response. This allows the development of new treatment strategies in burn care and quality of life of burn patients.

A. Presbitero, E. Mancini, R. Brands, V. V. Krzhizhanovskaya, and P. M. A. Sloot. Supplemented alkaline phosphatase supports the immune response in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: Clinical and computational evidence. Frontiers in Immunology 9, 2342. (2018)

This project focusses on the first stage of burn care, where patients are concerned with survival from systemic inflammation response and high risk for sepsis following burns. Until now, active pharmaceutical intervention possibilities for this stage in burns are limited. This project aims at studying a novel application of the clinical therapeutic compound (Alkaline Phosphatase). The project will advance scientific fundamental knowledge on inflammatory aspects of severe burns and the influence of Alkaline Phosphataseon this response. This will allow the development of new treatment strategies to improve health care and quality of life for severe burn wound patients and possibly other fibrotic pathologies, and optimal recovery of severe burn patients will reduce health care costs due to shorter hospital stay and reduced time out of work.

Partners in this project are Health Holland, Alloksys Life Sciences BV, Rode Kruisziekenhuis and VSBN.

Research Lead

Prof. dr. P.M.A. (Peter) Sloot

Faculty of Science

Informatics Institute

Research Group Members

Dr. V. (Vivek) Sheraton

AffilIiated External Researchers

Paul van Zuijlen

Medical Director of the Burn Center of the Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, and Endowed Professor for Burn Injury Management at the Amsterdam UMC.

Ruud Brands

Molecular cell biologist, specialised in Cellular Biochemistry and Biological Immunotoxicology at Utrecht University, and President of Alloksys Life Sciences BV.