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Policy by Simulation

Policy by Simulation is a collaboration with TNO aimed at developing new multiscale computational models that help to predict the effect of policy measures, technology development and new business models in several domains (e.g. energy transition, cities and mobility, crime, public health).

In this partnership IAS and TNO have joined forces to get a better understanding of complex phenomena, and to create innovations for various pressing problems. Multiscale modelling of complex systems forms the core of the collaboration. Both parties have brought together a team of researchers with complementary backgrounds and skills to explore this new initiative.

Below is an overview of the scientific leads from the UvA:

prof. dr. B. (Bob) van der Zwaan

Energy transition

Prof. K. (Karien) Stronks


prof. dr. C.G.H. (Cees) Diks

Circular Economy

dr. M.H. (Mike) Lees

Cities and Mobility

prof. dr. T.M. (Tom) van Engers


dr. V. (Valeria) Krzhizhanovskaya

Critical Infrastructures