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Energy transition

At the IAS we bring together researchers from the social and behavioural sciences, economics and business, law and political science, as well as all natural sciences, working on the multi-dimensional aspects of the energy transition and energy conversion to explore a collaborative and integrated approach.

The game changer for a successful transition to a sustainable and secure energy system is an integrated approach to technical, social, economic, legal and spatial challenges that allows excellent building blocks to be implemented quickly and on a large scale.

Source: Route Energy Transition of the National Research Agenda

Policy makers on all levels of governance are confronted with the complex challenge of designing effective and responsible interventions, for which they need to integrate insights from many disciplines. The combination of multiple interventions should lead to the desired outcome on the overall system level.

At the IAS, researchers from many different disciplines are brought together to explore an integrated system approach towards assessing and implementing the energy transition. Key questions to be addressed are: how can the energy transition be realised as fast as possible, taking into account the many boundary conditions that apply as well as aspects related to society, economy and ecology? How can lessons from the past be used to design successful policies and instruments for the future? How can science work together with society to find an optimal transition path?

Scientific Lead

Bob van der Zwaan

Professor of Sustainable Energy Technology, University of Amsterdam

Prof Bob van der Zwaan

Bob van der Zwaan’s research includes the fields of energy and climate change, integrated assessment modeling, environmental economics and technological innovation. Besides his position at the UvA, he works as Senior Scientist at the Energy Transition Studies research group of the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, ECN part of TNO.

Wim Sinke

professor Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Wim Sinke, professor Photovoltaic energy conversion

Besides his position at the UvA, Wim Sinke is Manager Program Development at ECN Solar Energy in Petten, The Netherlands. Sinke is member of various advisory committees in the field of solar energy, renewable energy and related topics. He has published hundreds of scientific and popular papers on all aspects of solar energy.

More information

To find out more about this research theme, or discuss getting involved, contact Bob van der Zwaan.

prof. dr. B. (Bob) van der Zwaan

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