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Sacha Epskamp

Assistant Professor in Psychological Methods and Psychometrics at the University of Amsterdam

Sacha Epskamp
Sacha Epskamp

My research

My research involves modeling psychological processes as complex dynamical systems. I have developed novel methodologies and implemented them in freely available software packages, now routinely used in psychological research and clinical practice. I also work on open science, reproducibility, psychometrics, and time-series modeling.


IAS fellowship (Jan - Dec 2018)

How to assert control on psychological complexity (e.g., treatment)? What is the utility of information theory applied to network psychometrics?

Lines of research have recently emerged that conceptualise behaviour as complex systems of interacting psychological, biological, and sociological components, characterised by the use of network models. For example, social dynamics are studied in social networks, such as criminal networks changing over time. Conversely psychological dynamics, systems of psychological constructs as symptoms influencing one-another, are studied by estimating probabilistic network models. This complex systems approach has grown especially prominent in the study of mental health.

During my fellowship I will work together with IAS research fellow Rick Quax to develop software routines that combine current state-of-the-art network psychometrics with information dissipation length measures. We intend to study psychological dynamics using this new methodology, as well as the methodology itself using simulation studies.