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Tiziano Squartini (Feb 2022)

Assistant Professor in Theoretical Physics at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Lucca, Italy)

Tiziano Squartini

My research

As a researcher, I am active in the broad field of complex networks and interested in studying the properties of such systems from the viewpoint of statistical physics. My main results concern the sub-field of network reconstruction, a topic on which I am currently working within the theoretical framework based upon constrained entropy maximisation.

IAS fellowship

As an IAS fellow, I plan to work on research questions concerning the network spectral properties: for example, are local constraints (e.g. the degrees of nodes) "powerful" enough to reproduce them? If this is not the case, can spectral properties provide insightful early-warning signals of upcoming critical events (e.g. the financial ones)? Moreover, as the aforementioned properties are related to the presence of patterns that impact on the stability of financial networks, I also plan to test the resilience of synthetic networks (to failures, attacks, etc.) with given spectral properties.