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IAS for researchers

IAS for researchers

As a researcher there are various options to join our collaborative research community. You can participate in events, join the theme groups, apply for a fellowship, or suggest (and lead) a new interdisciplinary research topic.

Think tank: Dynamics of deprived settlements

Join an event

View our calendar to see all events that are organised at the IAS. As venue capacity is limited and organisers are facilitating interactive discussions, the number of participants is often maximised. If you’d like to join an event but didn’t receive an invitation, please contact us.

Theme groups

We have clustered our research activities in several broad themes. By doing so, we aim to stimulate the exchange of knowledge, network contacts and ideas, and the establishment of new research collaborations.

Fellowship programme

A fellowship gives you the time and space to focus on a challenging interdisciplinary research topic. You will collaborate in an inspiring setting with other IAS fellows and researchers. Apply for a fellowship.

Suggest (and lead) a new topic

We can help you to broaden your network outside your own discipline and get input on your research challenge from a different angle. Criteria:

  • Interdisciplinarity and system's thinking/complexity 
  • Novelty of the research topic and/or scientific approach
  • Fit / synergy with the IAS research lines

Contact us, to discuss the options!