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Research partnerships

Through the IAS you can get access to a wide variety of researchers from all across the University of Amsterdam and beyond. In co-creation with experts from the public and private sector we aim to unravel complex challenges, create actionable insights, and explore new avenues of intervention.

Example: tackling criminal networks

Working closely with the Dutch police, an interdisciplinary research team found a more effective way to destabilise cannabis networks: removing very specialised players rather than the most high-profile and seemingly influential criminals.

IAS for policymakers

POLDER Simulation Center is a new initiative led by the UvA Institute for Advanced Study. It aims to help policy makers to unravel complex challenges and explore new ways of intervention. By simulating various what-if scenarios, we try to understand what kind of interventions will produce what type of outcomes. We work closely together with policymakers, building new multi-scale models and visualisation tools, to support evidence-based and effective policy.


If you want to explore the options, contact us:

Drs. J.F.H. (Joyce) Ten Holter

Institute for Advanced Study