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Joint IAS/DSC Fellowship Call

The UvA’s Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) and Data Science Center (DSC) are joining forces to create their first joint fellowship opportunity for individuals or collaboratives interested in exploring the intersection of Data Science and other disciplines.


IAS’ mission is to advance cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that addresses complex scientific and societal challenges. It does so by incubating interdisciplinary research collaborations, connecting them to other societal actors and supporting the work of (teams of) Fellows to freely explore and collaborate, driven by curiosity.

One of the disciplines that is increasingly relevant to and applied in many other research areas is Data Science. While its emergence is quickly impacting research practices across many domains, there is still a knowledge gap when it comes to the tools and approaches used by data scientists and those used by other researchers in other domains and vice versa. This means wasted opportunities for integration, cross-pollination and innovation.

To accelerate the fruitful uptake of Data Science methods and tools across the university, in 2021 the UvA created its own Data Science Center (DSC). Meanwhile, the Center has supported all UvA faculties to embed Data Science expertise into their existing teams to develop, share and apply data science methods and technologies.

What we are looking for

When considering Fellowship applications in general, we consider the following: 

  • What is your perspective on interdisciplinary research collaboration? Do you have proven experience with mixed methods? 
  • Does your proposal demonstrate creative, original, out-of-the box thinking? 
  • Your academic track record, taking into account your career stage. 

A PhD degree is a minimum requirement for at least one of the applicants.

For this specific collaboration, we are looking for proposals that focus on a specific research question, aiming at methodological innovation across data science and another research domain and/or novel fields of application of data science methods or data sets and/or explorations of the more general focus on the interdisciplinary aspects of data science as a lingua franca that connects disciplines. 

The applicant(s) will have demonstrable (combined) expertise in both Data Science/Machine Learning and another discipline.

By way of example, research questions may aim at:

  • Exploration of/reflection on how data science and/or machine learning methods are/can be translated into new domains
  • Challenges and opportunities for reusing data across new disciplines
  • The connection between data science and complexity approaches 

Given our emphasis on methodological integration, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, we will be especially interested in joint applications of two or more researchers that combine expertise in data science and other research areas, or a combination of a researcher and an individual/organisation with a specific use case/question.

Finally, we encourage applicants to consider using the opportunity of the fellowship to create opportunities for documentation, dissemination of and engagement with their work that go beyond academic publications, such as book sprints, collaborative workshops, White Papers, developing online resources etc. We will favourably consider unconventional ideas and discuss support for those with successful applicants.

What we offer

As a Fellow you will:

  • Be hosted at IAS, including a regular work space and community lunches in our building in the centre of Amsterdam 
  • Be able to access seed funding for small-scale research or development activities
  • Get support setting up events and establishing a relevant network
  • Be matched with a ‘Buddy’ within the UvA research community
  • Be included in regular DSC networking activities
  • Be featured in both DSC and IAS communications

For international fellows, in addition, we will provide compensation for travel and living cost expenses for the duration of your stay.

Fellowships usually have a duration between 2 - 6 months and could start by September 2022. For non-EU nationals, the maximum duration of fellowships is 3 months. However, we are happy to discuss tailoring the fellowship duration and start date to individual needs.

Please note that visiting fellows enjoy guest status; they are not employed by the IAS. Applicants must have an employment contract at another university, research institute or other organization during the period of the fellowship.