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IAS for artists

Each year we offer a special residency to an artist, aiming to integrate thinking and practice at the possible intersections of complexity and arts.

Florian Göttke, ArtScience Experiment, 2021 (photo: Baha Görkem Yalım)

The UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) is a place for interdisciplinary collaboration and open dialogue. What researchers at the IAS all have in common is curiosity, creativity and an enormous drive to delve deeply into the major questions in science and society. In their pursuit of new knowledge and research methods they are not afraid to colour outside the lines. At the IAS, we use system's thinking and complexity science, as our 'common language' to explore challenging interdisciplinary research topics.

We are looking for an artist who would thrive in such a setting, and whose art practice requires engagement with academic research. Artists from all fields can now apply for a special Artist in Residence fellowship. We offer an inspiring environment to work on a project together with IAS-affiliated researchers and students. We aim to support collaborations that truly advance both art and science, and that provide new ways to deepen understandings of complex challenges of all types. The ideal project blends in well with other research activities and fellows at the IAS, adding new perspectives.

The practical arrangements of the Artist in Residency fellowship will be tailored to your personal situation. For more information about what it entails, please send an email to