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We regularly host and organise events to spark ideas, exchange knowledge, facilitate networking and create new research partnerships. Events at the IAS are typically small-scale in an almost 'homely' ambiance, offering researchers a haven to ponder, debate and reflect. Because of the COVID-19 measures, several events are organised online. 

For an overview of past events, see our archive.

Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Quarantine and self-isolation (online)
    1 Oct 2020 16:00 - 17:00 Event
    Online expert meeting to discuss research about behavioural responses to COVID-19 measures. This session specifically looks into quarantine and self-isolation.
  • Who owns the street? (on-site)
    7 Oct 2020 11:00 - 15:00 Event
    Danielle van den Heuvel kicks off her IAS fellowship with a small symposium. She will present and discuss a new method that is developed as part of her Freedom of the Streets research project (NWO VIDI). The method ...
  • Networks (online)
    20 Oct 2020 Event
    Seminar in which we will explore the potential of networks to explain phenomena in complex social, economic and technological systems.
  • Have you ever thought about bias? (on-site)
    28 Oct 2020 10:30 - 15:30 Event
    One-day workshop on how to detect and avoid bias in research practice, using a hands-on approach.