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Fellowship programme

An IAS fellowship is an opportunity to focus and collaborate on a challenging interdisciplinary research topic for 3 to 6 months. You will do so in an inspiring setting with other research fellows and IAS-affiliated researchers. For part-time fellowships, the duration can be up to one year.

Fellowship positions for external researchers

We regularly welcome researchers from the Netherlands and around the world. You can join the IAS as research fellow on a part-time or full-time basis. The practical arrangements of your fellowship will be tailored to your situation. The IAS is located in the heart of Amsterdam, one of Europe’s cultural and intellectual capitals.

Please note that IAS research fellows enjoy guest status; they are not employed by the IAS. Applicants must have an employment status at another university or research institute during the period of the fellowship.

Fellowship positions for UvA researchers

If you work at the UvA, you can also join the IAS as a research fellow. In case of a part-time fellowship you are expected to spend 40% of your time at the IAS. This opportunity is created through an in-kind arrangement with your home faculty/department. To become a full-time fellow, you will need to take sabbatical leave for the duration of your fellowship.

Benefits of a fellowship

We bring together bright and creative minds in an inspiring environment. By giving you time and space to interact with other researchers, we aim to create the right conditions for new ideas and unexpected discoveries to flourish.

As an IAS research fellow, you can take advantage of the following:

  • a ‘home base’ at the IAS: flexible work space, use of facilities;
  • networking support;
  • organisational support for events such as academic discussions, public lectures and think tanks;
  • seed funding for small-scale research or development activities.

If you come from outside the UvA, you’ll also receive:

  • needs-based full or partial compensation for your expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.);
  • access to a ‘buddy’ (an UvA researcher who will help you with all your questions, and to connect with other researchers).

What we expect from you

If your fellowship application is granted, we expect you to:

  • be present at the IAS on a full-time or part-time basis;
  • participate in IAS activities (social and scientific);
  • actively engage with UvA researchers and students;
  • acknowledge IAS in any publications resulting from the fellowship;
  • write a short report on your activities and achievements within 2 months after the end of the fellowship.

During your fellowship we support you to:

  • work on a joint article or another type of scientific output together with at least one UvA researcher;
  • organise a public lecture or (at least) one other event (think tank, academic discussion etc).

What fellows say about the fellowship

Are you curious about research fellows' experiences at the IAS? Read the interview UvA research fellows here.

Fellowship selection criteria

The IAS Board of Associates evaluates each application and makes a selection. In deciding whether to award a fellowship, we consider the following criteria:

  • What is your perspective on interdisciplinary research collaboration? Do you have proven experience with mixed methods?
  • Does your proposal demonstrate creative, original, out-of-the box thinking?
  • Your academic track record, taking into account your career stage. A PhD degree is a minimum requirement.

The number of available fellowships is limited. In the selection process we will consider how your profile and proposal fits with the other research activities and fellows at the IAS.

Apply for a fellowship

You can apply for a fellowship within the framework of our research themes, or feel free to submit something different. Joint applications from small teams of researchers are especially welcome!

Submit a completed application form, together with your CV and a letter of support from your employer. Applications are accepted year-round. The selection committee consists of the Scientific Director, IAS Board of Associates (which convenes 5 times per year), and (if applicable) the relevant Programme Director.

Download the application form (Word)