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Julian Burger, postgraduate student (Psychology) from the University of Amsterdam, has been awarded an NWO Research Talent grant to carry out PhD research on implementing network modelling in clinical practice. His project will be partially hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).


Recent research on modelling complex interactions between symptoms of mental illness provides striking implications for psychotherapy. Yet, when it comes to the implementation of these newly developed techniques, there is still a big gap with clinical practice. Julian aims to bridge this gap by working on tools which do not require a technical background from clinicians. The project aims to advance personalised network modelling for psychotherapy through targeting different barriers in diagnostics, the conceptualisation of a case, and the selection of patient-tailored interventions.

NWO Research Talent

NWO Research Talent is a responsive mode funding scheme, which offers talented and ambitious young researchers a platform to pursue a scientific career and carry out high-quality PhD research.