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Morph Baby Morph 2 is an auto-destructive art project by Studio Aldo Brinkhoff that documents different stages of destruction of a synthetic polymer. The method of destruction was created with the help of Jaap Kaandorp, associate professor of computational biology at the Institute for Advanced Study. Jaap is interested in morphogenesis and focuses on modeling and simulation of growth and form. The research setup created for Morph Baby Morph 2 focuses on high control of all parameters that influence this process of destruction.

Event details of Morph Baby Morph 2 (on-site)
Date 7 July 2022
Time 17:00 -19:00

Studio Aldo Brinkhoff

With a fascination for chaos and order, geometric abstraction and material agency Aldo Brinkhoff creates sculpture and installation art for musea, the public domain and art festivals. For the last 2 years his focus has been on art-science and more specifically: auto-destructive and auto-creative art. For more information, visit

Auto-destructive Art

Auto-destructive art is a term created by the artist Gustav Metzger in the early 1960s to describe radical artworks made by himself and others, in which destruction was part of the process of creating the work. The invention of nuclear weapons and their use by the U.S against Japan in 1945, left a deep impression on the whole world. In reaction, Metzger began making paintings using acid as a form of creative protest. These works were created by spraying acid onto sheets of nylon, which produced rapidly changing shapes in the dissolving nylon making the work both auto-creative and auto-destructive.

Auto-destructive art is inherently political; carrying anti-capitalist and anti-consumerist messages. It addressed society’s unhealthy fascination with destruction, as well as the negative impact of machinery on our existence.


Institute for Advanced Study
Oude Turfmarkt 147
1012GC Amsterdam