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AI for Health Decision-Making program aims at strengthening the responsible development and application of AI in healthcare. The program is funded as UvA Research Priority Area that brings together UvA researchers from the fields of Science, Medicine, Law and the Humanities.

Event details of AI for Health Decision-Making (on-site)
Date 28 June 2022
Time 12:00 -15:00

In the program, we address two proof-of-concept applications to develop AI technology to support real clinical decision-making, perform validation, and initiate valorization.
In the first application, we will develop AI-driven decision-making for coagulation and transfusion strategies serving hospitalized patients that undergo major surgery and have a high risk of bleeding. In the second application, we will design AI-driven decision-making to identify the risk of hospitalization in non-hospitalized cardiac patients with heart failure using a multi-modal data analysis. When health decision-making is supported by machines and data, it affects the autonomy of health professionals and their patients. We will investigate how this legal-ethical relationship is affected by the introduction of AI-supported decision-making in healthcare, and integrate ethical and legal research at every stage of its development.
In this meeting, we program consortium will meet to discuss first steps and future directions.


12.00 Lunch

Welcome and introduction to the program
Ivana Išgum/Alexander Vlaar


Decision-making for coagulation and transfusion strategies
Sijm Noteboom & Maria Galanty


Decision-making for determining the risk of hospitalization in heart failure;
Philip Croon


Data Bodies – AI Competitions as Infrastructures: Examining Power Relations on Kaggle and Grand Challenge in AI-Driven Medical Imaging
Dieuwertje Luitse


AI in Healthcare: The Impact on Professional Autonomy and Good Practice
Saar Hoek

14:15 Discussion
14:55 Closing
Alexander Vlaar/Ivana Išgum