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In the run-up to the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands, a webinar on Argument-Checking is organised by the ISOC-MMGA Working Group on Argumentation in close collaboration with researchers from the University of Amsterdam.

Event details of Information Pollution Defence (webinar)
Date 28 February 2021
Time 14:00 -16:10

Make Media Great Again (MMGA) is an organisation that aims to improve the quality of information, in particular the quality of journalism and the information provided by news outlets on the internet. One of the ways in which this aim is accomplished is by annotating existing news items published by, for instance, and AD. 

Together with researchers from the Univerity of Amsterdam plans have been developed for extending the existing annotation with labels related to argumentation and critical thinking. In this way, the impact of contributions of annotators on the improvement of the quality of information can substantially be enlarged. At the same time, such annotation can be used for developing a computational tool that helps people assessing the quality of information.

The programme includes various lectures by experts on Digital Methods, Argumentation Theory, Text Annotation and Philosophy of Science and Technology. The webinar will be held in English. 

The webinar is organised by the ISOC-NL and Make Media Great Again and supported by the UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).


14:00-14:10 Opening by Alexander Blom and Ruben Brave
14:10-14:20 Presentation by Richard Rogers
14:20-15:20 Presentation by Federica Russo & Jean Wagemans: From fact-checking to argument-checking
15:20-15:25 Break
15:25-15:50 Interview by Camilla Nieman with Federica Russo & Jean Wagemans 
15:50-15:55 Promotion of MMGA Critical Thinking Course
15:55-16:00 Explanation of UvA attendance certificate

Closing by Alexander Blom and Ruben Brave

Join this webinar to power up your online resilience against online information pollution and rhetoric “tricks”.