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The Interactions Summer School (14-16 & 22 August, 2020) brings together artists and scientists for a 4-day intensive investigation at the intersection of complexity science, theatre and poetry to explore and experiment in collective intuition.

Event details of Interactions Summer School: Collective Intuition
Start date 14 August 2020
End date 22 August 2020

How can we combine ideas and practices from theatre and science to reach new ideas and escape the fixed patterns, habits and assumptions of our thinking which have become ingrained over time?

Intuition is a process of open-ended observation and attention, of deferring judgement in order to allow patterns, associations and primings to accumulate at a sub-conscious level, leading to the formation of new connections, and so new insights.

All thinking, including intuition, takes place in networks. Any network with sufficient connectivity, feedback and self-correction will produce a kind of thinking. The kinds of thinking that can take place is affected by the composition of the network, which can be an individual or a group of people engaged in reciprocal collective activity.

In the Interactions group at IAS, we are investigating what kinds of multi-individual thinking networks can be formed. During this Summer School we shall be attempting to let go of rendering finished ideas at the level of individual intelligence, but rather embracing individual unfinishedness in order to distribute thinking across many people and embrace emergence at the level of the collective mind, to experience what new hybrid forms of thought may be generated.


  • Orion Maxted, Complexity/Cybernetic/Algorithmic Theatre Maker
  • Renske Vroomans - Evolutionary Biologist
  • Enrico Sandro Colizzi - Evolutionary Biologist
  • Sára Iványi - Artist and Poet
  • Izabelė Jonušaitė - Philosophy and Computational Modelling 
  • Nele Brökelmann - Art Scientist
  • Roland Kupers - Complexity Research
  • Marie Groothof - Theatre Maker

The Interactions Summer School is initiated by IAS Artist in Residence Orion Maxted and it is co-supported by the Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam.