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Slow science days are fully dedicated to collectively ponder on the things we don't understand yet. One researcher gets the opportunity to put forward his or her main scientific question(s) in front of a group of bright and creative minds.

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Date 18 June 2019
Time 00:00

About the topic

Why are we musical animals? In particular, why do humans have rhythm, and which similar traits can be found in other species? Across disciplines, research on musical rhythm has historically been split into two macro-fields. Some scholars focus on musicality, the neurobiological predispositions for music, with an emphasis on cross-cultural and cross-species similarities. Others investigate music, a cultural product, emphasizing contextual uniqueness and variation in world musical cultures. This 'slow science day' will address the best way to move forward going beyond unproductive nature-nurture debates, while producing knowledge which is as respectful as possible to sensitivities of both macro-fields. A brief presentation of some of Andrea’s ongoing experiments will provide further ground for discussion and input.