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We will host a two-day think tank: "Making sense of the data deluge: translating host-microbiome interaction data into systems level predictive tools". The event is sponsored by the Netherlands Platform on Complex Systems (NPCS) and the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB).

Event details of Think tank: Host-microbiome research
Start date 12 March 2018
End date 13 March 2018
Egija Zaura
Prof. Egija Zaura, IAS Associate

The challenge

Current high-throughput technologies provide researchers involved in various disciplines of host-microbiome research with a wealth of high complexity (omics) data. A single experimental question can now be addressed at various levels and by various approaches (e.g., microbiome, metagenome, meta-transcriptome, metaproteome, metabolome). Additionally, different genetic, environmental and behavioral factors of the host can be assessed. Individually, these information levels have been addressed in great detail. However, the individual levels of information, addressed in isolation, do not explain the properties and dynamics of the entire system.

The workshop

The purpose of the interdisciplinary workshop is to explore what methodological approaches can be used to model the complexity and dynamics of ecosystems in the human body (e.g., mouth, gut and skin) based on complex systems-level data. As the organisers are facilitating interactive discussions, the participant capacity is limited to 20 persons.

NPCS sponsoring

The workshop is sponsored by the Netherlands Platform on Complex Systems (NPCS). The NPCS sponsors workshops to encourage new scientists to the field of complexity.