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From 17-19 January 2018, we will organise several activities giving our recently selected research fellows the opportunity to present their research challenge and establish links for potential collaboration.

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Start date 17 January 2018
End date 19 January 2018
Time 00:00
Sebastian Poledna, IAS research fellow

Starting from January 2018, we will host the first group of fellows at the institute. Their topics range from origins of life research, to disease elimination, criminal network dynamics, and more! Here you can find out who they are and what fascinating interdisciplinary research challenges they will be studying.

Meet the IAS research fellows and get involved!

Each fellow will collaborate with other researchers and students. If you are interested to meet the fellows and/or get involved, contact us!  

January 17

Morning Welcome at the IAS

After short individual presentations
there will be plenty of time for interaction

January 18


Individual programmes
Networking with researchers
on fellowship topics

Afternoon Group activity

January 19

Morning  Discussion: transcending disciplinary borders
Afternoon Individual programmes
Networking with researchers
on fellowship topics