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The IAS will host one day of a larger workshop programme "On Growth and Form”, in combination with a special exhibition inspired by D'Arcy Thompson's famous book.

Event details of On Growth and Form (D'Arcy Thompson)
Date 25 October 2017
D'Arcy Thompson

About the book

In 2017, it will be a hundred years since the first edition of D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s book “On Growth and Form” was published. This seminal publication marks the beginning of modern mathematical biology. Its central theme - the growth and emergence of organismal form - is still one of the most fundamental, unresolved questions in biology.

The book had an important impact on key figures and pioneers in different disciplines ranging from developmental biology, mathematics, physics to architecture, art, and literature. Yet, its influence on mainstream schools of thought in these fields remains controversial and intangible in many ways.


We will host one day of an intensive multi-day Lorentz workshop at the Institute for Advanced Study.

The overall goal of the workshop is to bring together a multi-disciplinary community inspired by D’Arcy Thompson’s work, with participants from the fields of developmental and mathematical biology, science history and philosophy, mathematics, art, and architecture.

The workshop aims to foster the exchange of ideas, concepts, and approaches between the different participants to provide new angles and inspiration which will drive research in novel directions. The ambition is to create synergies and collaborations that enable new interdisciplinary research into the fundamental problem of biological growth and form.

Exhibition "Bio-inspired Art and Architecture" at UvA Special Collections

We will organise this event in combination with a special exhibition of art work by Gemma Anderson and natural objects from the university collection, in close collaboration with Museum Vrolik and UvA Special Collections

You can visit this temporary exhibition at the UvA Special Collections from 24 October 2017 till 8 January 2018.