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The IAS is hosting a one-day think tank on “the use of Complexity Science Methods for the Inclusion of Systemic Risk in the Valuation and Risk Management in Financial Markets". The think tank will consist of a keynote talk from Prof. Doyne Farmer (University of Oxford), invited talks from a wide variety of experts, and a brainstorm session to explore potential future research directions.

Detail Summary
Start date 7 June 2017
End date 8 June 2017
Time 00:00
Prof. Doyne Farmer

Systemic risk refers to the risk of a collapse of an entire financial system or entire market, which is in contrast with a collapse of the entire financial system or the entire market. Derivatives markets play a crucial role in the interconnectedness of financial systems. Today a large volume (with outstanding notional amounts in trillions of USD) of financial derivatives on a wide range of asset classes are actively being traded between financial institutions, corporate and individual investors.

After the global financial crisis of 2008, there has been a significant research interest in using complex systems as a modeling paradigm for systemic risk. The objective of the think tank is to investigate methodologies for financial network construction and potential applications of complexity science for the pricing and risk management in financial markets.


  • Doyne Farmer,  Director of the Complexity Economics program at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, Professor in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.
  • Tiziano Squartini, Assistant Professor, Networks research unit, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca
  • Maarten Scholl, Credit Exposure Management, ABN AMRO
  • Sumit Sourabh, Postdoc at Computational Science Lab, University of Amsterdam
  • Svetlana Borovkova, Associate Professor, Quantitative Finance, Vrije University
  • Eelke Heemskerk, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Amsterdam
  • Marco van der Leij, Associate Professor, CeNDEF, University of Amstedam
  • Cars Hommes, Director, CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam
  • Drona Kandhai, Head Quantitative Analytics ING and Professor of Computational Finance at University of Amsterdam
  • Cees Diks, Professor, CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam
  • Ioannis Anagnostou, PhD Candidate ING Bank/ University of Amsterdam
  • Quinten Meertens, Statistics Netherlands, External PhD Candidate CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam and LIACS, Leiden University
  • Javier Garcia-Bernardo, PhD Candidate, Political Science, University of Amsterdam
  • Jan Willem van den End, Senior Economist, Economics and Research Divison, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Markus Hofer, Quantitative Analytics, ING Bank
  • Joop van de Heijning, Master student, Computational Science Lab, University of Amsterdam
  • Shashi Jain, Quantitative Analytics, ING Bank
  • Marcel Boersma, PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam/ KPMG

Scientific Organisation

The event is organised by Prof. Cees Diks, Prof. Cars Hommes, Prof. Drona Kandhai, Prof. Peter Sloot and Dr. Sumit Sourabh.

The event is sponsored by the Netherlands Platform Complex Systems (NPCS).