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Claudio Celis Bueno (Feb 2023 - Jan 2024)

Assistant Professor in New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam
Introduction to IAS Fellows Pei-Sze Chow and Claudio Celis Bueno

My research

I'm currently co-coordinating the AI and Cultural Production research group (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis). I'm interested in the issues of labour and creativity in the context of algorithmic automation. My background is in political philosophy, media theory, and philosophy of technology. 

IAS Fellowship

During the IAS fellowship I will be collaborating with Dr. Pei-Sze Chow in the project 'Automating Cinema: Technographic Explorations of Artificial Intelligence in Film Culture'. Emerging from our work in the AI and Cultural Production research group at ASCA, the project investigates how AI-powered tools are being used in the film industry and how a growing shift towards algorithmically assisted filmmaking may impact creative, economic, technical, and aesthetic aspects of film production.