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Art at the IAS

At the IAS, we exhibit artwork of UvA researchers. Are you creative in Science and Arts as well? Have you always wanted to publicly display your art? Then this is your chance!

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Pieter Adriaans

Professor Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence at the UvA.

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Over the years Pieter Adriaans has built up an impressive unusually broad oeuvre that varies from paintings and sculptures to installations, books, papers and musical compositions. This achievement is remarkable given the fact that Adriaans also has a masters in philosophy, a PhD in theoretical computer science and has founded a very successful computer company.

Adriaans: "I see no fundamental difference between my work as a philosopher, as a scientist or as an artist. It all has to do with creating new insights and understanding yourself and the world around you."





Sander Bais

Emeritus professor of Theoretical Physics at the UvA.

Sander Bais' colourful artwork presents a mixture of styles and techniques, from computer-generated images to nature photography. The photographs of stone formations below are a selection of the series "The Nature of Art” (photos taken on Santa Barbara Beach, date 02/05/2006, time 09.03 -12.05).

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Bob Hertzberger

Emeritus professor of Computer Systems at the University of Amsterdam.

Bob Hertzberger designs and creates ceramic sculptures and products. Especially for the IAS he had made three nicely decorated fruit bowls.

Exhibition "Bio-inspired Art and Architecture"

Together with Museum Vrolik and UvA Special Collections, we have organised a temporary exhibition inspired by D'Arcy Thompson's famous book “On Growth and Form”. The exhibition "Bio-inspired Art and Architecture" combined art work by Gemma Anderson and natural objects from the university collection. The exhibition was set up as part of an intensive scientific workshop.

Watch the video for a short impression:


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