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The research positions below result from collaboration between UvA faculties and the UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). The place of employment is always at the faculties, whereas the IAS offers its highly interdisciplinary work environment.

Ph.D. position: Computational modelling of Diabetes type 2 from the cell-biological scale to the socio-economic scale

Applications are invited for a mathematical/computational modelling position to work within the Health Systems Complexity team at the Institute of Advanced Study in the University of Amsterdam. The team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers devoted to the use of mathematical and computational methods to understand biomedical and health related processes.

Research topic

There is a growing consensus among public health researchers that the complexities underlying population health and its distribution cannot be unraveled by traditional methods; a shift in research paradigm to systems thinking is imperative to move this field forward. Complex systems approaches will be essential for understanding population health and health inequalities. The expertise in this field is still limited, however. To build this expertise we take up the challenge of applying systems thinking to type 2 diabetes (T2D). T2D is inherently a result of multiple processes acting at multiple scales, from cell-biological (nutrition and immune response) to population level (socio-economic status and public health policy). The link between these factors and T2D is complex, involving multifaceted, dynamic causal pathways. A systems approach that encompasses the complexity of these pathways can support public health policy and practice in effectively tackling health inequalities.

Closing date: 1 September 2018

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

19 June 2018