Talent development

The IAS invests in identifying and training young scientists with a strong interdisciplinary interest. We bring them together and connect them with top researchers and interdisciplinary educational programmes.

IAS Excellence Lounge

Since fostering interdisciplinarity requires researchers' awareness early in their academic careers, the IAS organises academic discussions in the IAS Excellence Lounge for the Amsterdam Excellence Students and the Amsterdam Science Talent Students as part of the scholars' extra-curricular track. Given the broad range of academic backgrounds of the students, the IAS is the perfect place for them to ponder over and discuss big interdisciplinary scientific questions.

IIS course: Complexity can it be simplified?

The IAS strongly supports interdisciplinary education. Several IAS Associates teach in the programme of the IIS course “Complexity: can it be simplified?”.

Complexity Science related courses in the Netherlands

Several Dutch universities offer complexity science related courses. The list below was compiled in collaboration with the Netherlands Platform Complex Systems.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

7 June 2017