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Researchers in residence

We host researchers at our institute who are working on externally funded interdisciplinary research projects or assignments if there are opportunities for synergies with other IAS research activities. Researchers in residence stay with us for variable periods but generally longer than a year.

Emiliano Mancini

Postdoctoral researcher and programme developer: Health Systems Complexity

Emiliano Mancini

My research

My research focuses on developing in silico models of complex biological systems, with a focus on the human immune system. Using mathematical and computational modelling and simulations I study viruses (e.g. HIV and H1N1), bacteria (e.g. P.Aeruginosa), and both chronic and systemic inflammation (e.g. T2D and SIRS).


As programme developer my goal is to build bridges between various academic disciplines and set up collaborations with external partners (e.g. academia and companies) aimed at creating new research opportunities within the framework of the Health Systems Complexity programme. By involving stakeholders in an early stage, my aim is to bridge the gap between academic research, industrial research and the application of new knowledge in health and healthcare.