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Adam Nocek

Assistant Professor, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University


My research

My research lies at the intersections of continental philosophy and science & technology studies, digital culture and aesthetics, and design. I have published numerous essays on media theory, artificial life, architecture, the history of biotechnology, and process philosophy. I am also founding director of the Laboratory for Critical Technics at Arizona State University.

IAS fellowship (Jan 2018, May-June 2018)

I seek to understand the materiality of media systems in a way that brings together the humanities, sciences, and the arts. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, my research aims to uncover: (1) the specific ways in which media systems and geophysical systems are entangled, and (2) how these various and complex intersections have both political and ethical consequences for our geological epoch. These interrelated questions arise from a growing need in the humanities, social sciences, and arts to dispel the widely held assumption that media and information are immaterial. In this context, my research seeks to unpack how our media devices, systems, and infrastructures are embedded in the Earth’s geophysical processes and are inextricably tied to wider systems of geopolitical power. During my fellowship, I aim to pair up with researchers from across the sciences, humanities and arts to develop both theoretical and embedded research methods to understand and intervene in the geological dimensions of our media in the 21st century.