Research theme selection

Throughout the year proposals for research themes can be submitted. The Programme Committee evaluates proposals using the following criteria and considerations:


  • Interdisciplinarity (at least 3 disciplines involved);
  • High scientific quality;
  • Novelty;
  • Added value of IAS support and involvement.


  • Complex systems as common language is encouraged;
  • Internal support/buy-in (research and organisational capacity) and cross-faculty initiatives;
  • External visibility, positioning and strategic partnerships;
  • Funding opportunities.

Submit a proposal

Researchers can propose scientific challenges that they would like to explore with IAS support, using the following template:

External parties (private sector or (non-)governmental organisations) that are working on (or confronted with) complex challenges that may benefit from a scientific complex systems approach, are welcome to contact us to discuss potential collaboration. 

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

26 July 2017