Fellowship programme

We offer fellowship positions to outstanding scholars. In an inspiring environment with other research fellows they work collaboratively on interdisciplinary research challenges (typically for 3-6 months).

What we offer

  • a research home base: (flexible) work space, usage of IAS facilities, joint lunches;
  • networking support;
  • organisational support for activities (public lectures/think tanks);
  • seed funding for small research or development activities;

In addition, for external fellows:

  • access to the UvA libraries;
  • a faculty member as primary contact person (buddy system);
  • a need-based (partial) cost compensation (for travelling, accommodation, etc).

What Amsterdam offers

As a key cultural and intellectual centre in western Europe, Amsterdam provides an ideal environment for academic study. Read more about life in Amsterdam.

Fellowship positions for UvA researchers

If you work at the UvA you have two options:

  1. Part-time fellowship: research fellows spend 40% of their time at the institute. It's an in-kind arrangement with the researcher's home faculty/department (you can also check the options for part-time sabbatical leave);
  2. Fulltime fellowship: researchers can choose to spend their sabbatical leave fulltime (80-100%) at the institute. Besides that, within the selected research programmes, the IAS has the option to extend a part-time position with two additional days by compensating the home faculty/department for the education time of the fellow.

Fellowship positions for external researchers

The IAS welcomes external research fellows from the Netherlands and around the world to intensify existing collaborations and spark new areas of research. External research fellows can work part-time or fulltime at the institute. Each research fellow will have a tailormade programme, with corresponding practical arrangements. 


As an IAS research fellow you are expected to:

  • Participate in IAS activities and engage with (other) UvA staff and students;
  • Work together with (at least) one UvA staff member on a joint article or other academic output;
  • Give a public lecture and/or organise (at least) one activity;
  • Write a short report on activities and achievements (within 6 months after the fellowship);
  • Acknowledge IAS in any publications resulting from the fellowship.

Selection criteria for fellows

  • View on interdisciplinary research collaboration, as well as proven experience with mixed methods;
  • Creative, original, out-of-the box thinking;
  • Academic track-record (taking into account the career stage of the candidate). Candidates should have a PhD degree.

Disclaimer: the IAS plays a role in bringing together researchers from different disciplines and we can accommodate a limited number of fellows. Therefore, the potential match with other research activities and fellows in the institute can be taken into account as well in the selection process.

How to apply

Throughout the year, you can apply for a fellowship position within the framework of running research programmes, or propose your own interdisciplinary research challenge. We also accept joint applications from small ‘teams’ of fellows.

Interested? Use the application form to submit your proposal, and add your CV (in addition reference letters may be requested). The selection is made by an internal selection committee.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

6 October 2017