Event formats

Events are organised at the institute to bring together interdisciplinary groups of researchers around complex scientific and societal challenges. Ranging from slow science formats to pressure cookers, each event is tailored to its aims.

IAS event formats 

Knowledge cafés

Thematic community building to explore new topics , spark creativity, and grow interdisciplinary research networks.

Think Tanks

Workshops and other activity formats that lead to tangible outputs and potential benefit in terms of impact, publications and grant income generation.

Thematic working groups

Collaborative work for at least one semester hosted by the IAS.


A group of researchers from different academic backgrounds meet at the institute to ponder over curiosity-triggered questions (slow science format).

Excellence lounge

An intellectual home-base for students from the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, the Amsterdam Science Talent Students, excellence grant holders and – applicants.

Public events & network events

Public lectures, masterclasses, outreach and network activities.     

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

27 June 2017