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Interested in interdisciplinary research and complexity science? Consider applying for an IAS research scholarship or enrolling in a course on complexity science.

IAS scholarships and thesis projects

We offer scholarships and student-assistant positions for outstanding UvA Master’s students interested in interdisciplinary research, mostly within the framework of IAS research programmes. We also provide talented students with project opportunities as part of their curriculum (mainly thesis projects). Working at the IAS means being part of a multidisciplinary team composed of other students, your supervisor(s) and/or other IAS-affiliated researchers.

Excellence Lounge: academic discussions on various topics

If you hold an Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship or Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship, you will be invited to join the IAS’ Excellence Lounge as part of your extracurricular programme. Join IAS researchers in the Excellence Lounge for a lively exchange on big, interdisciplinary questions! Read about our latest IAS Excellence Lounge.


IAS Excellence Lounge

Complexity science courses

What do economic crises, traffic jams, consciousness, the climate and flocks of birds have in common? They can all be described as complex systems – systems that are self-organising, often adaptive, sometimes self-destructive.

For an introduction to complexity science, consider enrolling in Complexity: can it be simplified?. This fascinating course, offered jointly by the IAS and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, provides insight into complex systems from a wide range of disciplines.

Various Dutch universities offer complexity science related courses. The list below was compiled in collaboration with the Netherlands Platform Complex Systems.

IAS for talented early-career reseachers

If you are already pursuing a career in research, you may be interested to check out how IAS supports early-career scholars.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

5 April 2018