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Interested in interdisciplinary research and complexity science? Consider applying for an IAS research scholarship or student assistant position.

IAS scholarships and student assistantships

We offer scholarships and student assistant positions for outstanding UvA Master’s students interested in interdisciplinary research, mostly within the framework of IAS research programmes. We also provide talented students with project opportunities as part of their curriculum (mainly thesis projects). Working at the IAS means being part of a multidisciplinary team composed of other students, your supervisor(s) and/or other IAS-affiliated researchers.

A talk with Master's student Jonathan Jeroen Beekman

Jonathan Jeroen Beekman, Master’s student Computational Science at the UvA, held a part-time student-assistantship at the IAS.

Together with a group of researchers from the Faculty of Science and the Academic Medical Center (AMC) Jonathan has been working on a system-dynamics model of obesity. The model was developed to study causal relations between various factors that are known to influence an individual’s increased BMI risk profile (through e.g. sleep, stress, income). Recently, a research grant has been awarded by ZonMW to move this type of research further towards gaining a better understanding of socio-economic inequalities in health.

"With my background in Physics and Interdisciplinary Studies, combined with a Masters in Computational Science, the student-assistantship was a great opportunity to put my knowledge into scientific practice. Working in an environment that nurtures cooperation between the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities has clearly sparked my creativity and showed me new ways of thinking. Besides this factor of personal development, I am proud to have contributed to some really promising research outcomes!"

IAS for talented early-career reseachers

If you are already pursuing a career in research, you may be interested to check out how IAS supports early-career scholars.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

10 August 2018