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Talent development

We are committed to investing in the training and development of the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers. We give talented early-career scholars the opportunity to prepare their interdisciplinary grant applications at the institute, offering them an inspirational research environment conducive to the further development of their knowledge, skills and confidence as interdisciplinary researchers.

Meet NWO Research Talent applicant: Maartje Eijlander

Postgraduate student Maartje Eijlander (research master behavioural science) is preparing an NWO Research Talent grant application. Her aim is to deepen the general understanding of chronicity in depression by using a complex systems approach. In order to uncover how exactly the risk to depressive relapse increases with the number of depressive episodes a person experiences, she will investigate the integrated whole of emotional, cognitive, behavioural, physiological, and stress-related dynamics across the course of recurrent depression. By conducting fundamental research within a clinical setting, she pursues to provide empirically supported theory for understanding why and detecting when a person is likely to experience depressive relapse.

Maartje Eijlander

“Two weeks at the IAS and I’ve already had many inspiring lunchtime discussions and afternoon brainstorms with people coming from completely different theoretical backgrounds, such as computational sciences and philosophy. The open and interdisciplinary atmosphere which they foster at the IAS has definitely opened up a whole new dimension of complexity science for me.”


Being at the IAS two days per week allows Maartje to work alongside researchers who are an important source of knowledge and skills. Specifically, sharing a workspace and still self-organising ideas with so many people who hold the same fascination with complexity sciences, provides an inspirational breeding ground for collaborations and helps her fine-tune her PhD proposal.

What about you?

Are you an early-career researcher and considering to prepare an interdisciplinary research proposal (e.g. NWO Research Talent, NWO Veni, ERC Starting grant) using a systems approach? And do you believe that your chance of success will increase when you work on your grant application in an environment with other researchers that share system dynamics (and specifically complex systems methodology) as their common language? Contact us to see whether the IAS could play a role in your plans! Besides a work space, you can get some (financial) support, for instance to organise an event.

To be eligible for talent development support you should already have a supervisor at the University of Amsterdam.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

16 March 2018