Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)


We bring together researchers from all academic disciplines to collaborate on complex scientific challenges. Apply for a fellowship, get engaged in our research programmes, or participate in or organise an IAS event.


Systems thinking as common denominator

To make the transition from disciplinary to interdisciplinary research, researchers must speak each other’s language. At the IAS, we use system dynamics, and specifically complex systems, as our common language for exploring challenging interdisciplinary research topics. This provides a framework with which to integrate information, data, techniques, tools, perspectives, concepts, and/or theories from a wide range of disciplines, and to study the interaction between various determinants. This approach often involves in silico modelling and simulation methods.

To get involved in our research programmes, it’s important to adopt a systems perspective in your research and have an affinity with mixed methods. Expertise in simulation methods and in silico modelling is not a requirement.

Get involved

Developing our work programme is a creative, collaborative process that is driven by the contributions of affiliated researchers. You can get involved by joining one of our current areas of research or by submitting a fellowship application. New research directions also often emerge during lively discussions at IAS events. We invest in talent development by giving early-career scholars the opportunity to prepare their interdisciplinary grant applications at the institute

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

5 April 2018