Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Event hosting

We regularly host events to spark ideas, exchange knowledge, and facilitate networking between researchers, which sometimes leads to new research partnerships. We also host interdisciplinary research teams at the IAS, providing office space for collaborative work.

Types of events

  • Knowledge cafés. Thematic meetings to explore new topics, spark creativity and grow interdisciplinary research networks.
  • Think tanks. Workshops aimed at producing tangible outputs, such as publications and interdisciplinary research proposals.
  • Thematic working groups. Collaborative work for at least one semester hosted by the IAS.
  • Academic discussions. Eye-opening, brain-stretching discussions at the IAS on anything that triggers your curiosity.
  • Public events and networking events. Public talks, outreach events and networking activities.  

Join an event

View our calendar to see all the events currently being organised at the IAS. Some events are by invitation only. If you’d like to join an event but didn’t receive an invitation, please contact us.

Organise an event

If you have a research topic you’d like to examine in an interdisciplinary research setting, you can organise your own IAS event and establish an interdisciplinary team for collaborative work. We can help you to grow your network outside your own discipline and get input on your research challenge from a different angle.

Eligibility criteria

In your proposal, make sure to demonstrate:

  • Interdisciplinarity - at least 3 disciplines should be involved, preferably also from different faculties
  • Novelty  – what’s innovative or novel in your research topic or approach
  • Fit - how does your proposal fit into the IAS work programme

IAS support for events

We can provide various types of support for events, ranging from purely logistics (use of our rooms and facilities) to full financial and organisational support. The full support option is only available for events set up in close collaboration with IAS-affiliated researchers.

Submit your event proposal

We accept proposals year-round. To submit a proposal, complete the application form below.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

10 August 2018