Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

IAS at the workshop ''Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age''

24 April 2017

On May 8-9, the Complexity Science Hub Vienna will organise a workshop to discuss the digital future of our society.

In a two-day event “Re-inventing Society in the Digital Age” the participants will shed light on the impact of digital technology on our daily lives and attempt to sketch the first outlines of a Society 4.0. The Institute for Advanced Study contributes to the workshop with a lecture by its Scientific Director Peter Sloot, entitled ‘’Big Data, Big Nonsense?’’.

The Complexity Science Hub Vienna is a node in a network of international partner institutions, including the Santa Fe Institute, the Complexity Institute of Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Arizona State University, and the Institute for Advanced Study Amsterdam. 

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study