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Satellite session by IAS research fellows at CCS 2018



The research fellows of the Institute for Advanced Study organise a satellite session at the Conference on Complex Systems 2018. The conference takes place in Thessaloniki (Greece) from 23-28 September 2018.

The satellite session is intended to showcase the first findings from the multidisciplinary research fellows at the Institute for Advanced Study. The session will consist of presentations by research fellows of the IAS on their recent findings, as well as a keynote by director Peter Sloot on future research directions of the IAS. A broad range of topics will be covered in the satellite: asserting control on complex networks of psychological processes (Sacha Epskamp), gaining insight in complex systems through information theory (Rick Quax), the origin and evolution of life from a complexity point of view (Wim Hordijk), dynamics of infectious diseases close to the point of elimination (Yael Artzy), agent-based modeling of economics (Sebastian Poledna), complex systems approaches to analysing criminal and terrorist behavior (Ana Isabel Barros), interdisciplinary and computational approaches to immune fitness (Filippo Castiglione), and abstract-level models of protocells combining both generic and specific features (Roberto Serra).

Preliminary speakers

  • Peter Sloot (University of Amsterdam; Nanyang Technological University Singapore)
  • Sacha Epskamp (University of Amsterdam)
  • Rick Quax (University of Amsterdam)
  • Wim Hordijk (Institute for Advanced Study, University of Amsterdam)
  • Yael Artzy (University of Amsterdam)
  • Sebastian Poledna (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis; Medical University of Vienna)
  • Ana Isabel Barros (Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO)
  • Filippo Castiglione (National Research Council of Italy, Rome)
  • Roberto Serra (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

About the conference

Since 2004, the Conference on Complex Systems (CCS) is the annual meeting for the complex systems research community. Until 2014, it was the European Conference on Complex Systems. In 2015, it became CCS with its first "global" edition in the USA.

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