Think Tank: Complexity of Covert Networks: Crime and Terrorism (part II)



Following the event in May 2017, the IAS will host a second think tank to discuss the outcomes of the first session, and to elaborate on several crucial scientific questions in relation to potential impact on daily law enforcement practice.

The IAS hosts a think tank to shed new light on how to combat crime and terrorism using methods and concepts from complexity science. What can we learn about possible intervention strategies, if we study criminal and terrorist networks as complex adaptive systems? In this event, we bring together complexity researchers and researchers studying non-compliant behavior to explore how various modelling methods could be used to support the fight against crime and terrorism.


Ana Isabel Barros, TNO
Wim Bernasco, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
Jeroen Bruggeman, University of Amsterdam
Jonas Dalege, University of Amsterdam
Tom van Engers, University of Amsterdam
Allard Feddes, University of Amsterdam
Herbert Hamers, University of Tilburg
Peter Klerks, Public Prosecution Service
Han van der Maas, University of Amsterdam
Miranda de Meijer, UvA & Public Prosecution Service
Erik Pruyt, TU Delft
Peter Sloot, University of Amsterdam
Mieke Struik, National Police
Bob van der Vecht, TNO
Bernd Veldman, Tax Authorities/Real Estate Expertise Center
Piet Veltman, Fiscal Information and Investigation Service
Thijs Vis, National Police
Don Weenink, University of Amsterdam

Scientific Lead

Prof. dr. H.L.J. (Han) van der Maas 

This Think Tank is part of our current research programme “Crime and Terrorism”.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study