Think Tank: Dynamical systems, complex networks, and psychiatric disorders

15Sept2017 18Sept2017


The IAS hosts a Think Tank on Dynamical systems, complex networks, and psychiatric disorders. The event is sponsored by Denny Borsboom’s ERC grant supporting the Psychosystems Project, which is dedicated to the development of network models for psychiatric disorders.


In recent years, the conceptualization of psychiatric disorders (e.g. depression) as complex systems of mutually interacting problems that form vicious cycles (e.g., insomnia-->fatigue-->concentration problems-->depressed mood-->insomnia) has gained a prominent position in the fields of psychiatry and clinical psychology. This workshop aims to bring together specialists from psychiatry, complex network analysis, and dynamical systems modeling. The workshop is a continuation of an earlier workshop, held in 2011, which was organized by Marten Scheffer, and which has resulted in important papers published in journals such as PNAS and Psychological Medicine. The goal of the workshop is to further develop approaches in which network models for mental disorders are analyzed in terms of resilience, phase transitions, and early warning signals and applied to theory and data for psychiatric disorders.

Currently confirmed participants include:

  • Denny Borsboom, University of Amsterdam
  • Han van der Maas, University of Amsterdam
  • Kenneth Kendler, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Marten Scheffer, Wageningen University
  • Ingrid van de Leemput, Wageningen University
  • Angélique Cramer, Tilburg University
  • Marieke Wichers, Groningen University


Scientific Lead  

prof. dr. D. (Denny) Borsboom

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study