Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

First GeoMedia Research Network Meeting

15June2017 16June2017


The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) welcomes the first GeoMedia Research Network (GMRN) meeting on June 15-16, 2017. On the second day a public event will be organised at Mediamatic.

This network is a collaboration between the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), and the Laboratory for Critical Technics (LCT) of the Arizona State University (ASU). Led by Patricia Pisters from UvA and Adam Nocek from ASU, the network desires to bring scholars and practitioners across the world together to engage in entanglements of media and geological events. Fitting with IAS’ mission of fostering multidisciplinary exchange, the institute welcomes the GMRN’s first gathering as it plans to continue its interdisciplinary engagement through academic presentations, artistic experimentations, curated exhibitions, socially engaged design practices and publications. GMRN’s first meeting sets the stage for future endeavors with two important agendas. First, it seeks to situate media objects and digital culture within geological processes. Second, it aims to address the need for a general understanding of mediation in the Anthropocene. 

This two-day event will include a combination of scholarly and artistic presentations, film screenings, and workshops.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study