About the institute

The University of Amsterdam has established its Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) to offer outstanding scholars a haven - free from constraints of disciplinary boundaries - where they can work collaboratively on complex scientific questions and societal challenges. The IAS is located in the historical city center of Amsterdam.


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University-Based IAS

There are many Institutes for Advanced Study worldwide. They share the high esteem that the name confers, but are often very different in scientific pursuit, strategy and size. The UvA IAS belongs to the category of University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS) and shares the main characteristics of this specific type of institute, which is reflected in the mission statement. 


The mission of the UvA Institute for Advanced Study is to advance cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that addresses complex scientific and societal challenges with disregard for any disciplinary structure or boundary. Under this overarching mission, the IAS aims to:

  • foster a vibrant and inspiring environment that stimulates and facilitates multidisciplinary exchange;
  • enhance research excellence with strong emphasis on interdisciplinary knowledge creation by involving world-class intellectual and scientific leaders;
  • actively contribute to the scientific achievements of the University of Amsterdam and create synergies between different research programmes and departments.

Published by  UvA Institute for Advanced Study

14 August 2017